Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why we estimate-To get close to the answer
-is to make the problem eaiser
-is to know what to espect from over calculation.
1. 1.366 0.5 there's 4 of you
2. Estimate how much each get
3. Calcultae how much each get

20÷4=0.5 1/2 L over

1.0÷4=0.25 1/4 L under





Long Division

4 divide by 1.36=0.34

3 divide by 879=293

Number Line

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dividing Decimals

Division means that in the statement 6 ÷ 2 = 3 There are 3 groups of 2 in 6. As you can see on the image to the right.

Quotient- anwer to a division question.

You have $6.00. You need pens for a scrapebooking. Fancy glitter pens cost $0.40 each. How many glitter pens can you buy with $6.00?
Answer: You can buy 15 glitter pens with $6.00.

Place the decimal where it belongs on the following questions.

15.4 ÷ 3.6= 4277778

4.4÷0.42= 1047619

You can over or underestimate to figure out the answer. Find a way that works for you.

Answer :

15.4÷3.6= 4.277778

4.4÷ 0.42=10.47619


Place the decimal in the correct spot.

20.1 ÷ 4.7= 42766

3.5÷ 0.213=164319

You may want to go to these websites if you want to learn more about dividing decimals and other math stuff.



Here are some videos to help you with dividing with decimals and remember decimals are related to fractions and percentages.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to estimate

Estimateing is easy in case you don't know I will show you.


You probaly know that 5000+5000=10000 and 400+600=1000 add them together and it makes 11000.75+63 will take a little longer so you just have to estimate estimateing is somewhere around the number so lets just say it makes 125 this will help you with bigger numbers or multiplication questions.

Remember estimateing is NOT exact!!!

Below is a video of how to estimateb please enjoy

Today we learned about estimateing if you are a member of www.mytextbook.com go on chapter 2page 57-59 to review it.

When you estimate everything will be easy so estimate but remember it's not exact.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How to Scribe October 16, 2009

highlight a title or word
look for a site for subject.
copy address bar and press the green link button then paste url.

find image
save it to your computer.
press on image button and choose picture
then upload and image is always at the top

go to youtube, find video for subject
copy video's embedded code (some videos don't have it)
go to blog and press "Edit Html"
go to bottom of page and enter a few times
paste the code then click compose and preview

change font by clicking on arrow that says font
scroll to choose font
make font readable

press the T with colors beside it
pick color of choice
choose color that's readable (never use yellow)
change the colors for titles and important facts

change Size by clicking on the double T
choose size you can read
don't go to small or to big

Scribe Post Example

To change the font click the down arrow by the word "font" and choose the font of your choice.

To change font color, highlight the text and click the T with the colours on it.

To change the font size, highlight text and click the double T.

To add videos:

To add links:

First you need to have a link you want to post.


Surface Area


1) Find a picture

2) Copy link