Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 Tips for test

* Here are some easy tips for doing better in test. Keep them in mind when you get ready for the next one *

Tip 1: Gauge your time!

Unless it's a take home test, you only have so much time to get it done. Look at the marks for each question. Figure out the time to give each answer.

Tip 2: Know the rules

Ask your teacher about the rules for the test. Can you use a calculator? bring notes?talk to friends? Do you get penalized wrong answer? Are you better off guessing or leaving a blank?

Tip 3: Plan your attack:

Often it's better to take a minute or two to think about HOW you're going to answer the question.

Tip 4: Fill the space

If there are five lines for an answer, or a big space on the sheet, fill the lines or the space. The give you an idea how big an answer your teacher expect.

Tip 5: Check your answer

In math, work backwards to make sure your answ
er is right. In language arts, proof read to make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct.
Remember to study for all your exam!!! Good luck everyone
and have fun

(boston celtics for the win!!)


  1. Good Job Paulo!
    I like the way you use different kinds of colours. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job Paulo, I liked how you used different variety of colours. Keep it up!

  3. Good Job Aviles! I like your scribe because it's easy to read and there"s colors. Keep it up!

  4. Good Job Paulo! your scribe is well organized! keep it up

  5. Good Job Paulo nice colors its easy to read

  6. GOOD JOB PAULO! Your scribe is easy to see. I also like the colors. (LAKERS WON! In your face!) . . . KEEP IT UP!

  7. good job! nice colors and BTW LAKERS FOR THE WIN ! LAKERS ARE DOPER THE CELTICS!

  8. Good job! Next time don't over crowd your words.

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  10. Great Job Paulo! it was really neat. keep it up!

  11. Good Job Aviles! I like your scribe because it's easy to read and there"s colors. Keep it up!

  12. Good job, i like the colors. Yes Boston ftw !

  13. Haha, Good Job Paulo. I like the colors you used and the picture you added. Good Job bro.